Boat Hire Sydney

Boat Hire Sydney

Why not make the most of this beautiful city and organise the big party on a hire boat or cruise? Sydney Harbour is without a doubt the most beautiful harbour in the world. With Boat Hire Sydney services available, you can certainly make a dream a reality. Services range from boat parties with their own catering, boat hire Sydney harbour services, party boat hire, or even houseboat hire in Sydney and greater Sydney. Luckily for you, we have sourced out the best options so you don’t have to.

Party Boat

Boat Hire Sydney 

With Sydney’s wide selection of party boats available, arranging a Sydney hens or bucks party out on the harbour has never been easier. Whats better, Sydney Hens and Bucks has got you covered with links to most Sydney boat hire services available.

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Boat Hire Sydney 

If you’re looking for a longer time out at sea and comfortable with looking after yourselves, maybe a houseboat is more up your alley? Your own houseboat allows you the luxury of planning your own adventures and truly enjoying your time out at sea. Sydney Houseboat hire lets you choose from a selection of house boats. These can boast multiple bedrooms, BBQ’s, full sized kitchens, rooftop spas and more.

Whats more, is that you are not simply limited to Sydney Harbour. Sydney Houseboat hire can be located at the Hawkesbury River, Central Coast and at Brooklyn.

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Finally, the last option can give you the best of both worlds by simply having the whole crew spend a few nights out at sea. Planning this is easy on one of the many Cruise liners that leave the Overseas Passenger Terminal (OPT) – Circular Quay and the White Bay Cruise Terminal. Luxury living, days out at sea, and no need to clean up after yourself.

For a full schedule and forecast of the ships, check out Sydney Ports Cruise Schedule. Here you will find a charter of all Cruiseliners expected in and out of the Sydney terminals.

Once you have located which cruise you wish to book, simply visit the website of the Cruiseliner to arrange your stay.

Alternatively, check out Expedia’s website by clicking the below logo. Here you can find a wide selection of Sydney Cruises to choose from. Wherever you plan, wherever you go, we are certain you will throw an unforgettable hens or bucks party!


If this page has assisted with your Sydney boat hire, check out our other pages on Sydney Strippers and Party Supplies Sydney to make your planning process more seamless. For any inquiries or if you would like to add you organisation to the Boat Hire Sydney page, please email us from the Contact page.

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