Sydney Hens and Bucks was created by a Sydney local looking to provide the inside knowledge of Sydney city in an easy to navigate format. This website is designed to give suggestions for, and assist with, the planning process of Sydney bucks and hens nights.

The links and suggestions on this site largely came from thorough online research as well as the years of experience living in this city. Organisers of hens and bucks parties would be required to undertake all this research themselves so I’ve taken the liberty of combining all information under the one roof.

We always appreciate the suggestions of fellow Sydney locals who are familiar with the activities listed on this site. We encourage you to provide your feedback in the comments section for each page to assist future planners visiting the site.

Finally, some random facts about Sydney:

  • Sydney officially became a city in 1842.
  • The city was originally going to be called Albion until it was decided that Sydney would become its name, after British Lord Sydney would be its name.
  • English, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek and Vietnamese are the main languages spoken in Sydney.
  • George Street is the oldest street in all of Australia.
  • The cost of building the Sydney Opera House ended up at AUD102 million instead of the original estimate of AUD7 million.

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